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Marine Primer Bulb

EPA/C.A.R.B. Marine Primer Bulb

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  • Highest Quality Primer Bulb You Can Find Online!
  • Made In The United States.
  • EPA and CARB Approved Primer Bulbs
  • Built To Endure The Harshest Conditions
  • Fast and Free U.S. Shipping – International Shipping Available.

Larand Marine Primer Bulb is the highest quality primer bulb on the market. Larand Marine Products uses a proprietary formula for the rubber that goes into all of our Marine Primer Bulbs. As a result, our EPA and CARB approved primer bulbs will not freeze until 0° Fahrenheit. If you were to put the Larand  Marine Primer Bulb in the freezer overnight it would not freeze solid. Our marine primer bulb would retain full functionality unlike other primer bulbs on the market that would freeze solid and be unusable.

Even in the most extreme weather conditions our primer bulbs hold up better than our competition. Multiple government agencies and companies mandate the use of the Larand Marine Primer Bulb in the fuel systems of the boats they utilize. If you are looking for the highest quality and most reliable marine primer bulb on the market then make sure you purchase it from Larand Marine Products.

The new primer bulb allows emissions of less than 6 grams per square meter, per day, beating   the standard by almost 70 percent. Made from a durable compound that stands up to harsh weather conditions and maintains excellent flexibility in low temperatures (in lab tests, the new bulb pumped 20 percent more fuel than the leading OEM bulb). Unlike products that rely on mechanical pumps, this primer bulb has no seals that can leak fuel.

  • Familiar look and feel
  • 70% less fuel permeation than new standard allows
  • Durable and weather resistant
  • Leak-proof design
  • Excellent low-temperature flexibility
  • Superior pumping efficiency

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Shipping & Delivery

We are based in South Florida and anything you purchase is built and shipped out by us. We can usually have one shipped out to you in less than 24 hours. Free U.S Shipping on all orders.

Return Policy

Larand Products will only issue full refunds if Larand Products sends out a wrong or a damaged part. We do not offer full refunds from customers who bought the wrong size. In order to offer our customers the best quality at low prices our margins are very low. Make sure the product you purchase is the one you need. Feel free to call us or email if you want our opinion and we will give you our best advice. But remember, our advice is just that: advice. We cannot see what you are working on so we accept no responsibility if a customer orders the wrong part size. If you did order the wrong part and would like to return it, we charge to cost of our original shipping plus a 20% restocking fee.

Our Product & Service Quality

Why Larand?

In the last 5, 10 or 20 years, most other marine manufacturers moved their production over to Asia to save money on parts and labor. These manufacturers started using cheaper hoses. cheaper primer bulbs and bargain fittings.

The end result of these cost saving measures is that If you purchase marine fuel line assemblies from these low cost manufacturers you will instantly notice their hard plastic feel and cheap vinyl hoses. With cheaper fittings and hoses, these assemblies have a tendency to leak. If you put these cheaply made fuel line assemblies in a freezer overnight they will freeze solid and not work in the morning.

The US NAVY, NAVY Seals and Department of Forestry all use Larand because of our high quality and dependability.

The Navy Seals recently tested the fuel line assemblies of 10 different manufacturers and decided to use Larand Marine Products as its manufacturer of custom made fuel line assemblies.

We are based in South Florida and anything you purchase is built and shipped out by us. We can usually have one shipped out to you in less than 24 hours. Free U.S Shipping
Larand uses the highest quality products for our manufacturing. Out fittings are all precision made to very strict specifications and are always tested before shipping.
We also have a proprietary formula for the rubber that we use. You can freeze the larand primer bulb overnight and it will work perfectly every time as our rubber will not freeze until the temperature drops below 0 degrees.
We invested in our own manufacturing equipment to make a higher quality product right here in the USA. Moving overseas never made sense to us because we love what we do and have always enjoyed the people who work for us.

Larand Marine Products

Customization & Hard-to-find Items Available

We encourage you to take advantage of the added benefit of ongoing, personalized service, to provide solutions to your needs. We are the ONLY SUPPLIER on the Internet who is able to offer customization of the fuel line assemblies from any of our fuel fittings.

As a customer, you can be assured any questions or comments about our products will be directly handled by management in a friendly, professional and timely manner.


Customers’ Reviews

Client Testimonials

Jim at Larad Products helped me figure it out. It turns out that the connections on both fuel tanks were not the correct Yamaha style. He sent me a set and everything works perfectly now.

There’s definitely a feeling of security knowing that my old fuel line was replaced with this quality product!

- Ingo Prangenberg -